Seedling Modern Public School

Seedling Nursery School

SEEDLING MODERN PUBLIC SCHOOL is a school with a difference. It inculcates aspects of the " innovative child centered approach" to lead more meaningful outlook to the educational system.

The hallmark of our educational policy is to discover the child from it's basic potential and give that potential an encouraging and appropriate outlet at every successive stage of growth from childhood to maturity.

Message From Director

Paradigms in education are not static, they change with the growing body of technical knowledge and changing human needs. Seedling was the result of this realization amongst stalwarts in the field of education who joined hands to form the Ankur Udbodhak Samiti. The motto of the Samiti is which means that we aim at wisdom and the ability to comprehend. Our effort is to open all doors so that noble thoughts come to us from every side.The Samiti aims at inculcating the glorious traditions.

Principal's Message

Life is full of twists and turns.Everyone has to struggle here in this world to overcome every obstacle in the way to success,. For this hard work is necessary with out working hard and just by sitting idle it will be hard for one to get success. today's world is a competitive world.Everyone here wants to be famous and succeed in life.Whether he may be a successful boxer,sportsman,actor or writer,his present position is only due to hard work.

Vice-Principal's Message

Whenever I see teenagers of today,my heart aches to see how, these innocent minds have turned their back on the pure simple and beautiful things that surrounds them abundantly.They don't have any aim,they just love fun,frolic,freedom and games. They think what they do is always right, every serious matter is considered light.They try to outwit the teacher,but ultimately cut a sorry figure and prove to be dumb creatures.



Academic Calender

Seedling Modern public School Year Planner 2014-15

Admission 2014

All applications for admission must be made on the prescribed form alongwith a non-refundable amount.